The International Society of Audiology was founded in 1952 to facilitate the knowledge, protection and rehabilitation of human hearing and to serve as an advocate for the profession and for the hearing impaired throughout the world.

The International Society of Audiology connects professionals in ear and hearing care from across the globe. ISA are the leading International Audiology Association with a dynamic Internet platform that enables members to access recent research and case studies in Global Hearing Healthcare. ISA association has strong affiliations with local audiology associations across the globe and a powerful network of accomplished world authorities and professionals that are passionate about sharing their knowledge and learning for the benefit of people with hearing loss. The ISA supports global development and success in International Hearing Healthcare. 

The International Federation of ORL Societies (IFOS), is a non-political organization representing over 50,000 Otolaryngologists belonging to about 120 member nations. There is a huge global discrepancy in available resources and manpower and this greatly modulates our activity.

IFOS was founded in 1965 to provide continuity between World Congresses, it has evolved to deal on a global basis with the problems of people with ORL disease by means of an active secretariat and committee structure; lobbying the World Health Organization; a leader in the global program for hearing loss prevention; providing interchange between centers, especially in Europe through the Twin Cities Project; publishing a newsletter and mainting the interactive website. It has a continuing medical educational role and has developed a model undergraduate curricula; it has now initiated CME conferences between World Congresses and recently started the Worldwide Action "Hearing for All". 

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