Track: Anesthesia and Pain Management in ENT Surgery

Anesthesia in ENT Surgery


Anesthesia or anaesthesia is an illness of impermanent loss of sensation or mindfulness during any restorative surgeries or dentistry, which may help the patient/children to get easing from pain. It might incorporate illness of loss of motion, amnesia, or obviousness. A patient under the impacts of soporific medications is alluded to as being anesthetized. Along these lines, pediatrics and newborn children accounts just a one-third of all patients suffering ear, nose, and throat, ENT surgery. The surgical methodology may extend from straight forward day-case surgeries.

Anesthesia for ENT Laser Surgery
Anesthesia for Nasal, Sinus and Pituitary Surgery
Anesthesia for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Head and Neck flap Reconstructive Surgery
Anesthesia for Parotid Surgery
Anesthesia for Airway Panendoscopy

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