Virtual Conference
Otolaryngology Conference 2022

Adhira Gobind

Consultant ENT , India

Title: The role of magnesium supplement in laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease


Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease(LPRD) is one of the most prevalent upper Gastrointestinal disorder encountered in clinical practise and its optimal treatment is not standardised.The role of magnesium in the human body functions is often underestimated.Since magnesium plays a major role in the regulation of smooth muscle contraction by relaxing the pyloric sphincter and enhancing gastric emptying,thereby decreasing the pressure on the LES ,it was hypothesised that adding magnesium supplements along with the regular treatment for LPRD,can improve LPRD symptoms. Magnesium has a neutralising action on the gastric acid and therefore, it may be pertinent to achieve optimal Mg intakes in patients with LPRD.

In this prospective study, patients were divided into two groups-one treated with esmoprazole 40 mg capsules and alginate syrup and the other with esmoprazole capsules,alginate syrup and magnesium glycinate(250mg) supplement.Both the groups showed appreciable improvement in their mean RSI & RFS score at 1 month & 3 months follow up which led to the conclusion that addition of  magnesium supplements along with the regular treatment for LPRD,can improve LPRD symptoms and should be considered in the treatment protocol of LPRD.


Adhira Gobind is currently working as a Consultant ENT surgeon in Kerala, India. She will be joining SA Medical College, Kerala as the assistant professor of ENT in April, 2022. She has completed her masters in otorhinolaryngology and head- neck surgery from  Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University, India. During her post-graduation, she had won the best research paper award, which she presented at the state ENT conference in 2018. Her graduation was from TN Dr MGR Medical University. She hails from Kerala, India.