Virtual Conference
Otorhinolaryngology Conference 2022

Akshaya Subramanian

ACPM Dental College, India

Title: Rehabilation of post COVID mucormycosis patients


In the second wave of COVID-19, India witnessed another pandemic which was  Mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is a deadly fungal disease that has 50% survival rate. Treatment was extensive and had to be aggressive to prevent recurrence. Large number of patients had go through with maxillectomy, extraction of their teeth including removal of the parts of zygomatic bone upto the floor of the orbit. This lead to unaesthetic appearance. The patients lost their confidence resulting in a lowered self esteem. The significance of subperiosteal implants in the rehabilitation of Mucormycosis patients are mentioned in this presentation.  


Akshaya Subramanian will be completing my masters degree in oral & maxillofacial surgery from ACPM Dental College,  Maharastra by the month of June. She have four publications in various journals and still 3 more are in the process. She have assisted many major surgeries in the field of oncology, reconstruction & rehabilitation of facial tissues, oral pathologies and Implants.