Virtual Conference
Otorhinolaryngology Conference 2022

Alpesh Fefar

Radhe ENT Hospital & Laser Centre, India

Title: Bilateral single sitting tympanoplasty: Should we do it?


Materials and Methods: A total of 100 patients of both sexes with central perforation of tympanic membrane of both ears with mild to moderate conductive hearing loss were included in this study. This is a prospective study. The results were evaluated for the advantages and efficacy of single sitting bilateral type I tympanoplasty. Graft uptake at 6 weeks is considered success.

Result: In our study, there were 45(45.33%) males and 55(54.75%) females. Half of the patients are in of 26 – 45 years age-group. The perforation closure was successful in 94% patients. Mean hearing gain 27.33 dB. None of the patients developed iatrogenic sensorineural hearing loss. The results are comparable with the tympanoplasties performed on one side only.

Conclusion: Single sitting bilateral type I tympanoplasty is safe day care procedure with a high success rate. In developing countries like India, it is very useful in shaving resources and adding into the development. Whenever possible bilateral tympanoplasty at one go should be attempted.


Alpesh Fefar has completed his MS(ORL) with Gold Medal from prestigious Gujarat University, India. He has many presentations and articles to his credit. He has been serving as an editorial board member and reviewer of several reputed journals.