Virtual Conference
Otorhinolaryngology Conference 2022

Anuja Santosh Kulkarni

Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital, Mumbai Central, India

Title: Efficacy of Pranayama Breathing Technique in COVID 19 patients: Prospective study with retrospective control group


Background: The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is global challenge to public health. The study investigates efficacy of ‘Pranayama’ breathing technique -a chest physiotherapy as an ‘add on’ therapy in confirmed patients of Covid19.

Methodology: A prospective study with retrospective control with a sample size of 278 patients (control = 139, study = 139) was considered. Participants with (mild/moderate/severe) covid-19 were included in this study. 1:1 matching with respect to age, clinical stage and comorbidities ensured.

Results: At mean follow up period of 15-28 days, primary outcome prevention of progression of disease among control group was 11.1% (1/9) whereas 93.5% (29/31) among study group. The difference was statistically significant (p=0.001). The proportions of cases hospitalized for a duration of 15-20 days [ (control 31.7% vs. 1.4% Study)], p = 0.001) depicting reduction by over 30% in study Vs Control Total average supplemental oxygen required (93.44 vs. 28.69 L). Therefore, on an average 64.75L of O2 was less required for the study group cases, i.e. 69.3% reduction in the O2 requirement was observed. There were 10 (7.2%) cases of death among control group whereas among study group there were no (0.0%) case of death.

Conclusion: The results show that breathing technique ‘Pranayama’, has resulted in significant reduction in hospitalization, reduction in supplemental oxygen requirement, and reduction in mortality. This technique is handy, inexpensive, profound and effective tool, as such it poses the need to be incorporated in the present scenario in comprehensive management of COVID 19 (Clinical Trials Registry India number: CTRI/2020/10/028362)


Anuja Kulkarni, is  otolaryngologist with specialized in the field of Head and neck surgical oncology and plastic microvascular surgery  serving Western Railway zonal hospital  with over 15 years of professional standing, nominated for committee for “Development of Advocacy and Training Kits and Simplified Coding Manual for Family of International Classifications (FIC), constituted by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India, instrumental in spearheading anti- tobacco campaigns and cancer awareness campaigns among patients and hospital staff, having over dozen publications in the  journals of national and international  repute. She has initiated DNB Post graduate teaching course accredited by National board of Examinations, New Delhi, for specialty of ENT for the very first time in the Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital and working at present as DNB course director ENT, academic head, post graduate teacher and PG thesis guide. She has  so far  undertaken numerous seminars, journal club meetings, lectures, demo sessions for post graduate teaching with involvement of eminent faculty members.