Virtual Conference
Otolaryngology Conference 2022

Dini Widiarni Widodo

Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Title: Fat graft augmentation rhinoplasty compared to costal cartilage graft in saddle nose panfacial fractures


Background: Panfacial fracture can cause nasal function and esthetics alterations, one of which is saddle nose deformity. Post-traumatic saddle nose could be treated with augmentation rhinoplasty to correct the nasal structure and function. It can use autologous material such as fat graft and cartilage graft. 
Purpose: To report the effect of fat graft augmentation rhinoplasty compared to costal cartilage graft on patients’ satisfaction of saddle nose panfacial fracture cases. 
Case report: Reporting two cases of panfacial fracture with saddle nose. The first case, a 22-years-old female with multiple facial fractures underwent plate and screw fixation and nasal fracture close reduction followed by augmentation rhinoplasty using fat graft. The second case was a 23-years-old male diagnosed as blow-out fracture treated with internal fixation and costal cartilage augmentation rhinoplasty. 
Clinical question: Does fat graft augmentation rhinoplasty result in a better satisfaction level than costal cartilage graft in panfacial fracture with saddle nose cases. 
Review method: Evidence-based literature searching was performed through Pubmed, Scopus and Proquest databases to evaluate the effect of rhinoplasty augmentation using fat graft compared to costal cartilage on patient satisfaction level. 
Result: One study showed patient’s high satisfaction level after fat graft augmentation procedure. Another study showed that satisfaction rates were also high in cartilage graft augmentation patients. 
Conclusion: The advantages of using fat graft augmentation are the more natural esthetic outcome, easy to perform and low morbidity. Rhinoplasty Outcome Evaluation (ROE) questionnaire could be used to evaluate the outcome of augmentation rhinoplasty with high sensitivity and specificity.


Dini Widiarni Widodo has completed his PHD at Universitas Indonesia Mayor in Science of Medicine. She is Consultant of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Jakata. Indonesia and a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. She has several publications since 2014 in national and international reputable journals. She is Head of Facial Reconstructive Surgery ORL-HNS Indonesia Study Group