Virtual Conference
Otorhinolaryngology Conference 2022

Elijah Eghenure

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Title: Primary healthcare services in otorhinolaryngology (GIS technology in otorhinolaryngology)


Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), a protean discipline, is one of the Fourth Industrial Resolution professions and is an interdisciplinary course which has really been used in diverse research fields in order to ameliorate real world problems. Medical tasks that seem herculean in terms of control of spread of diseases could be resolved with GIS.

GIS contributes to generating thematic maps that depict the intensity of a disease or vector. It can create buffer zones around selected features and then combine this information with disease incidence data to determine how many cases fall within the buffer. It can also map the impact zone of vector breeding site, where control activity needs to be strengthened. GIS allows interactive queries of information contained within the map, table or graph. It permits a dynamic link between databases and maps so that data updates are automatically reflected on the maps. Dynamic maps published on the Internet assist patients in locating the most convenient health services easily.

Some of the proposed GIS applications in Otorhinolaryngology are:
  • To find out geographical distribution and variation of ENT-related diseases.
  • Analysis of the spatial and temporal trends of disease spread
  • Map populations at risk and stratify risk factors
  • Forecasting of epidemics


Elijah Eghenure is a trained and seasoned GIS Analyst and Data analysis expert in Spatial Ecology, Environmental, and Geo-hazard Management. He is an intelligent and independent GIS personnel with a sound background in geospatial analyses, specie distribution analysis, ecosystem analysis, and management. He aims at working in a well-structured organization with a pool of highly talented and innovative individuals, sustaining a tradition of excellence, contributing the best of his quota in achieving organizational objectives, and attaining professional distinction and proficiency. He has successfully led research teams in the pivotal and novel discoveries in ecology, ornithology and specie distribution modeling in Nigeria. His research work on “Geospatial Assessment of the Ecology and Biodiversity Status of Okomu National Park, Edo State, Nigeria" has earned him global recognition as a novel research in the field of ecology and specie distribution modeling in Nigeria.