Virtual Conference
Otolaryngology Conference 2022

Jinpa Palmo

,, India

Title: Human health and omega-3 fatty acids


In many research, omega 3 fatty acid which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid is proved to be very important and essential nutrients having many different health benefits but apart from other fatty acids, it cannot be synthesise by our human body. Therefore, we have to get these fatty acids by consuming diets and supplements rich in it. Even though human beings can live by consuming other important nutrients but can live much healthier and longer by consuming omega 3 fatty acids. American heart association AHA recommends for daily intake of omega 3 fatty acids specially by those people with coronary heart disease. Fish considering as nutritional valuable animal is mostly due to its lipid content (fish oil) in which these omega 3 fatty acids are present very significantly. Fish does not actually produce these omegas 3 fatty acid in their body, but receive these fatty acids through the food web in which phytoplankton are the chief source of these omega fatty acids.


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