Virtual Conference
Otolaryngology Conference 2022

Madhup Chaurasia

University of Leicester England, United Kingdom

Title: Noise induced hearing loss - Diagnosis and borderline cases


Damage to the inner ear as a result of noise exposure is a common occupational hazard and leads to numerous claims. A report of 222 consecutive claimants seen by the author with a view to diagnose noise induced hearing loss is presented. Of these 222 claimants, 192 passed and 30 failed. Asymmetry was present in 98 claimants. The  criteria that confirm noise induced hearing loss in relation to the audiograms and the quantity of noise exposure, based on cases presenting in this series are discussed. Illustrations of borderline cases are presented and methods to reach conclusions are elaborated with examples of cases that are difficult to diagnose. The presentation includes recent concepts in the  pathogenesis of noise induced hearing loss. A general guidance to make reports for noise induced hearing loss and
Keywords:  Noise induced hearing loss, audiometric configuration, disabilities