Track: Neurosurgery



Common neurosurgery disorders are diagnosis with the nose include pituitary tumors, sinus tumors and orbital tumors. Some spinal fluid leaks can repair the nostrils. Neurosurgery around the ear include acoustic neuroma, petrous apex lesions, aneurysms and meningiomas. Neurological problems such as headaches, facial pain, blurred vision, dizziness or seizures. It causes nosebleeds, facial numbness, asymmetric hearing loss and balance issues. It can be identified by an ENT specialist or neurosurgeon using CT and MRI scan. The special tests such as hearing tests and visual field testing.

Depressed Skull Fracture
Skull Base and Ear Surgery
Pain Management
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Trauma and Critical Care
Parkinson’s Disease
Neuro Vascular Disease

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